Hard Facts And Soft Skills

What makes a company successful?

Reaching targets and matching the key performance indicators which are set to fulfill the mission and get closer to the vision.

What does a company need to be successful?

Indicators, goals, investments and… people.

People are the most sensitive part of success. Why?

Because people define the indicators, set the goals and decide about investments. And they need other people to work for the mission of the company.

Managers have the requirements for a good manager job, because they learned the principles of analyzing and managing the figures during their studies, so they are able to do that. But people have to be guided rather than managed.

So what about the principles of guiding or leading people? Who taught them?

Ok, now we get to the sensitive part.
If you are eager to assure success sustainably, you have to care for your people.
Caring means sharing information, asking questions, listening carefully, involving in processes, supporting them, stimulating their impetus, helping them to develop.

Seems like a hard part?
Perhaps, but if you remember your childhood – your parents hopefully did the same. If you have own children – you helped them growing up exactly this way.

To make it easier, I give you a clue:
Do the first step of a probable long, but rewarding way: give a compliment. Most likely your minimum payback is a repetition of the behaviour you esteemed with the compliment.